Colina and Dandini Win Prestigious Awards

Updated: November 21, 2016

Blue Devils Angel Colina and Anthony Dandini each won prestigious awards Saturday Night at the 7th annual Leominster Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
Angel won the Ray Comerford Award. The recipient of the award will be a young man of character. He will have a giving spirit, always willing to lend a helping hand to teammates and the greater community. He will probably not gain notoriety with each passing week of the season. He will be the sort of player that takes his duty on the team seriously to the success of the entire team even though there are no accolades on Saturday morning. In sum, the recipient of this award will be the type of player that his teammates will remember as the years pass and the headlines fade.
Anthony won the Lou Little award. The criteria for the honor are consistent with the values of Lou Little, a man who, throughout his career was as concerned for the education and future of the young men he coached as a result on the football field. The honoree should combine character, on and off the football field, with humble determination. He will be a leader by example, loyal and hardworking. The full utilization of his god given talents will be more important than exploits on the field alone. He will embody a feature of football that honors the underestimated, well-led squad, which prevails through teamwork-not because they are better players, but because they re better men.
Congratualtions to both Angel and Anthony!

Photos by Richard Marchand

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