Mission Statement

LHS Football Mission

The Leominster High School football program promotes a rigorous athletic and educational environment that empowers student athletes to take responsibility for their academic, personal and social growth. Our program and community values diversity and creates a safe atmosphere for student athletes to acquire the knowledge, the work ethic, and the academic, technical, and communication skills necessary to become responsible and productive members of society.


Social and Civic Expectations

  • Demonstrate respect for self, others and the physical environment
  • Assume primary responsibility for their education
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the democratic process and will participate pro-actively as informed citizens in their community.


Program Values


  • All student athletes will embrace and practice the core values represented by our school acronym of H.E.A.R.T.
  • Because student athlete actions are a direct representation of our school and program 100% of the time, they must act appropriately on and off the field!
  • Student athletes will encourage and support all players within our program and ALL other Leominster programs.
  • The importance of TEAM will always supersede the importance of the individual.
  • All student athletes will address adults, teachers, and coaches as “Coach”, “Mr.”, “Mrs.” or “Sir”, this includes game officials.
  • Student athletes will carry our values onto the field and have a tremendous amount of respect for the game and our opponents.
  • Student athletes will always shake hands with their opponents and say “good game” after each game.
  • Student athletes will always respect other coaches and fans at all times.
  • Student athletes will always respect the support of our faculty, community, fans, band and cheerleaders.
  • Student athletes will dress professionally and appropriately during practices and games to create an environment of team unity.
  • Finally, student athletes will always play with Leominster pride and heart.

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